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Friday, March 30, 2012


Om Namasivaya nama:

Today, Sri Yama Dharma Raja explains the importance of doing good karma. Results of Karma will take the soul to Heaven and the bad will direct to Hell. Any one who remembers God or tell his name will never visit Narakam/Hell. Also one who does Pancha Deva Pooja (Ganapathy, Sooryan, Mahavishnu, Paramasivan and Sri Parasakthi) will eventually reach Heaven and finally Sakthi Padam. A Brahmin should not under take the profession/business of an astrologer, gold, silver and any other metal business, laundry business, doctor and chemist. If you don;t have the choice other than doing such business then it is better to perform Pancha Deva Pooja on daily basis. Also not to forget in doing Sandhya vandhanam.

Please click the link to listen the fully story.

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