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Friday, April 6, 2012


Om Namasivaya nama:

Chapter : 09

Sri Yama Dharman explained the size and types of 86+ Naraka Kundams (Shapes of Hell).  Yama Dharma Raja answers to the questions raised by Savithri about Devi Mahathmyam. He said Mother is 10 times adorable than mother and Jnana dhaatha (spiritual Guru) is 100 time more respectable than Mother. Parasakthi is also known as Paramathma else Moola Prakrithi. She, first created Radha then Sri Krishna out of Herself as Siva and Sakthi (positive and negative energy). From them this entire universe was created and changes being carried forwarded years after years.

By double click the link and listen to full story.

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