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Friday, April 20, 2012


Om Namasivayan nama:

Today Yama Dharma Raja explained to Savithri that after Prakrutha Pralayaam  what happens to all  beings including Gods, that every one will merge with their seniors.At last Radha and Krishna remains and finally Radha & Krishna will merge together in Moola Prakruthi Chaithanyam as Jgnana swaroopam. (knowledge is reason for cultivation). This merge can be witnessed only by Parasakthi. Also 4 types of Mukthi yogam explained viz Salokyam-Saroopyam-Sameepyam-Sayujyam. Un-usually, Devi devotees would like to take  more human births to serve God than even Mukthi/Liberation. YDR explain the importance of Vruthas (Fast). which Vrutha in which month etc..

Please double click to hear the entire story.

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