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Saturday, May 26, 2012


Om Namasivaya nama:

Today, Radha devi cursed Gopika Suseela due to which Lord Krishna became upset with her. Due to this act Krishna disappeared and Radha started praying for Lord Krishna to return and give her darsan. Radha devi praised and narratted the importance of true husband (Barthru mahathmyam), later Suseela reached bhooloka in the name of Dakshina and prayed lordess Lakshmi devi to merge her from bondage. Finally Suseela merged in Lakshmi then later Brahma dedicated lord vishnu to take avatar as Yagnapurusha to marry Dakshina.  Ever since Dakshna devi merged with Lakshmi there was no to give results for any one's actions. God accepted the prayers of Brahma and wedded Dakshina devi. For then a child was born and they named him a Bhaladan who bestow results for the action.

Narayana Rishi narratted the story to Narada and also told him Devi pooja and her dhyanam and moola manthram. Please listen to the story in detail.


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