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Friday, February 1, 2013


Om Namasivaya nama:

Chapter 12 - Gayathri Hrudayam / Gayathri Sthothram / Gayathri Sahasranamam / Gayathri Manthra Deeksha Vidhi.

Sriman Narayanarishi narrated to Sri Naradha that to erradicate all our sins and attain liberation this is the most suitable route for Brahmins those who are whole heartedly dedicate for the Gayathri Upasana. Oh my Guru please tell me which is the best way to attain Moksha and destroy all our sins, i mean which manthra has that power? accordingly Maharshi Narayana explained these sthothra jewels.

Guru should have lots of spiritual energy and blessings from Godess to transfer a portion of his power to genuine disciple. The Guru who is going to give upadesam to a disciple should chant minimum 1000+ Gayathri maha manthram on the day of upadesa.

At the end Sri Veda Vyasa said to Janamejaya that this is how Sri Narayana Rishi patiantly narrated the secret of secret information of Devi Bagavatham. At last Sri Naraya Rishi meditated on Parasakthi and merged in her.

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