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Friday, March 29, 2013


Om Namasivaya Nama:

Chapter 12 - Amba Yagam and Upa Samharam

Today Veda Vyasa Rishi after narrating the whole Devi Bagavatham he directed King Janamejaya to perform Amba Yagam which was done by only very few great souls. So that his father would attain a seat in Manidweepam. As prescribed by Vyasa, Janamejaya received Devi Manthropadesam and conducted Devi Ygnam; at the end Sage Narada appeared before him to say that his father Parikshit Maharaja attained salvation in Manidweepam. Janamejayan offered his Bakthi as guru dakshina to Maharshi Veda Vyasa.

Parasakthi did upadesam to Lord Mahavishnu that "Sarvam Khalvidha Mevaham Na-Anyadhasthi Sanathanam" the famous Ardha slokam and the same sloka was further rendered by Maha Vishnu to Brahma in 100 crores slokas. Then Lord Brahma further narrated to Sage Narada, from Narada to Veda Vyasa Maharshi. Vyasa later narrated the same in 18000 slokas by 12 chapters. Later Sootha Mahamuni the beloved deciple of Vyasa rendered in the name of Bagavatham to Nimesaranya Maharshis. Those Maharshi further explained to other great souls and keept spreading from one to another till today.

In other words Sri Devi Bagavatham upanyasam concluded here. My humble pranaams to all devoted souls who listened to this great puranam. Please pardon me in case i created any confusion or talked bad about any one's feelings while prabashanam.

I consider my self a lucky soul or a chosen soul to talk about Mahadevi. All these days i could render and you could listen to this Upanyasam was only because of the blessings of my Sthoola Guru Matha Amrithanandamayi, Sookshma Guru Sri Ramakrishna Paramhasa along with Saradamba and Para Guru Sri Adi Sankarachaya and my parents.

To listen today's upanyasam please click the link.


Jaya Mangalam - Subham

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