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Saturday, October 8, 2011


Please click to enlarge the file for detailed information about this subject. I wonder how excellent were our ancestors that includes all Rishis to precisely calculate and share it with us. The modern and scientific world will evently realise that our calculations and predictions were absolutely true, by the time the world will miss the target. At least whoever is interested, better to know such a valuable contributions of our greate Rishis who did all these selflessly for us.

I am happy to compile and give to you in a tabulated format so that you can use it frequently while discussing with others. Most of our our ancient theories are always dicussed and passed on to others rather than text book because what you heared systematically will stay long in your mind rather than text books.

Please make use of this table, you may print and circulate among your friends, at the end of the day many people should know about it, so that my time spent will be rewarded.

May God bless us

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