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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Who is Yoga Karakan in your horoscope


Out of 9 divine Planets all Planets are not useful or beneficial to us. Please note all planets represent our own good and bad karma of previous birth. Whereas one thing is sure that every one takes birth on a paricular ascendent (Lagna). Once Lagna is formed at the time of birth it is going to be a permanent position for planets in our horoscope. Therefore, we need to identify who is our benefits Giver?. There is no easy way in Astrology to find out everything so easily. However, i will try to put things in simple manner so that everyone can understand.  You may ask why do we need to know the Yoga Karaka. That is where the secret is lying. In our mundine life we cannot please everyone but few and get benefits from them. Likewise planets are beneficial to someone at the same time melific for others depends on the placement in horoscope. Once you know who is your benefits Giver then the life is simple and easy to achieve goals. At the end of the day life is happy only when achieved something special. All you need to know who is your Lagna Lord and name of Lagna. Once you learned about your Lagna the next step is to read out your good and bad planets as per the given table.

There are 12 Lagna Lords same as 12 Raasis. They are: Mesha (Aries), Rishiba (Taurus), Mithuna (Gemini), Kataka (Cancer), Simha (Leo), Kanya (Virgo), Thula (Libra), Vruschika (Scorpio), Dhanu (Sagitarius),  Makara (Capricorn), Kumba (Aquarius), Meena (Pisces).

Please note Yoga Karaka will be useless when they occupy 6th or 8th or 12th position or they own the raasis of 6,8,12 from Lagna. There are many other rules applicable to understand the real Giver however let us learn very important rule as who is capable of giving atleast 70% to 80% of desired results.

How to read this chart is explained below:

Suppose you were born in Mesha Lagna, then Sun and Jupiter are your Yoga Karaka (beneficial planets). By pleasing respective planets prescribed in the Saasthra can multiple the benefits. Planetery Gods are not the actual planet itself, the belief is that the God who resides in that paricular planet like in Earth Parasakthi, Maha Vishu, Siva, etc... Fortunately there are no human beings living there, thereore there is only one God known to us by each planet. As i said earlier, planetery positions are the indicators of our own Karma and no need to blame others.

How do you please Planet Gods (Prayaschitha / atonement)? in other words asking parden for the mistakes done in the past.

Chanting Maha Manthra (hymn) of the planet, Meditating, Praying, Wearning their respective gem stone, clothing, eating respective seed/pulses, fasting, sacrifice, charity etc. so that you will get good returns during their ruling period (i.e. Dasa, Swapaharam, days and muhoortha etc.). For example, Sundays and Thursdays will be more beneficial than order days for Mesha Lagna person.  At the same time bad days are Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturdays. Please note even in these bad days 3+3=6 hours will be beneficial during Sun and Jupiter's ruling hour.

I will explain how days and hours are ruled by planets: Kindly note day to be calculated from Sun Rise to Sun Set. So, Sunday first 1 hour by Sun, 2nd hour = Moon, 3rd hour = Mars, 4th hour = Mercury, 5th hour = Jupiter, 6th hour = Venus and 7th hour = Saturn. Again the cycle should repeat until 24th hour completed. Next day, Monday first 1 hour will be ruled by Moon followed by others. This clearly explains that every day the 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd hour will be ruled by the ruler of the day. I am sure now you will be able to count the rest of the days and their ruler.

Sun = Sooryan, Moon = Chandran, Mars = Kujan, Mercury = Budhan, Jupiter = Guru, Venus = Sukran, Saturn = Saneswaran.

Mesha Lagna:
Yoga Karaka/Benefic Planets:  Sun & Jupiter
Maraka Karaka/Malifics : Moon, Venus, Mercury & Saturn

Rishaba Lagna:
Yoga Karaka/Benefic Planets: Sun, Mercury & Saturn
Maraka Karaka/Malifics : Moon, Venus, & Jupiter

Mithuna Lagna:
Yoga Karaka/Benefic Planets: Venus & Saturn
Maraka Karaka/Malifics : Sun, Mars & Jupiter

Kataka Lagna:
Yoga Karaka/Benefic Planets: Mars & Jupiter
Maraka Karaka/Malifics : Mercury & Venus

Simha Lagna:
Yoga Karaka/Benefic Planets: Sun & Mars
Maraka Karaka/Malifics : Venus, Saturn & Mercury

Kanya Lagna:
Yoga Karaka/Benefic Planets: Saturn & Venus

Maraka Karaka/Malifics : Jupiter, Mars & Moon
Thula Lagna:
Yoga Karaka/Benefic Planets: Mercury & Saturn
Maraka Karaka/Malifics : Sun, Mars & Jupiter

Vruschika Lagna:
Yoga Karaka/Benefic Planets: Sun, Moon & Jupiter
Maraka Karaka/Malifics : Mars, Mercury, Venus & Saturn

Dhanu Lagna:
Yoga Karaka/Benefic Planets: Mars & Sun
Maraka Karaka/Malifics : Jupiter & Mercury

Makara Lagna:
Yoga Karaka/Benefic Planets: Mercury & Venus
Maraka Karaka/Malifics : Jupiter & Moon

Kumba Lagna:
Yoga Karaka/Benefic Planets:  Saturn & Venus
Maraka Karaka/Malifics : Moon, Mars & Jupiter

Meena Lagna:
Yoga Karaka/Benefic Planets: Moon & Mars
Maraka Karaka/Malifics : Mercury, Venus, Sun & Saturn

==== May God bless us - Subham  ====

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