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Friday, April 26, 2013


Om Namasivaya nama:

By the grace of Divine Mother Parasakthi, today we talked about Gothram, the reason and DNA support of Gothram upto 7 races/clan. Also discussed the difference between Pravara Gothram and the origin of Gothram as per Jyothi Sasthram (Astrology). Given below the original gothra based on astrology. Every human must offer pure water to his/her Gothra Rishi everyday and to remember him too. This will enable us to realize our origin and clan head. Please note this based on first Saptha Rishis, also note that every Manvantharam Saptha Rishis pattern would change.

MARICHI RISHI = Aswathi, Pushyam, Swathi & Abhijith (a divine star between Uthrashadam and Thiruvonam - Start Lord Brahma)

VASISHTA = Bharani, Ayilyam, Visakham & Thiruvonam

ANGIRAS = Krithika, Makha, Anusham & Avittam

ATHRI = Rohini, Pooram, Ketta & Chathayam

PULASTHYAN = Makeeram, Uthram, Moolam & Poorottathi

PULAHAN = Thiruvathira, Hastham, Pooradam & Uthrattathi

KRUTHU = Punartham, Chithra, Uthradam & Revathy

Please click the link to download and listen full story.

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