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Friday, May 31, 2013


Om Namasivaya nama:

Today, we discussed about Athreya Gothra Rishi and his saha dharmani Anasooya Devi, daughter of Kardhamena Prajapathi. Brahmasri Athri Maharshi is one of the important Saptha Rishi mandalam, son of Lord Brahma as manasa puthra. Athri Maharshi is reffered in the 5th Mandala of Rig Veda. He and his children contributed lots of manthrams to Veda. Most popular children are: Soma, Dattathreya and Durvasa.
Athri Maharshi hold control of stars as such as : Rohini, Pooram (poorva phalghuni), Kettai (Jyeshta) and Chathayam (Sathabishak). His lineage consists 13 Rishis, having 3 pravaras under each Maharshi. They are:

1. Aathreya
2. Mauthgalya
3. Athri
4. Uthaalaka
5. Muthkala
6. Gauriveetha
7. Dattathreya
8. Dhananjaya
9. Dhaksha (Dakshi)
10. Bhaaleya
11. Pathanjali
12. Bheejaavaaba
13. Unknown (please let me know if some one know)

To listen full story please click the link.

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