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Friday, May 10, 2013

GOTHRAM = MAREECHI Lineage : MAY 10-2013

Om Namasivaya nama:

Today we discussed about Viswamithra Gothra parampara then Mareechi Maharshi and his lineage. Mareechi was mind born sun of Brahma. Along with him other 6 Rishis put together Saptha (7) Rishis were present to this universe to spread the progeny/clan. The following Rishis were lineage of Viswamithra Rishi and Mareechi Maharshi  as per Rigveda and puran:

Viswamithra gothra lineage:
1. Kausikan
2. Lohita
3. Viswamithran
4. Saalaavatha
5. Kadhaka
6. Aagamarshana
7. Gatha
8. Kaathaayana
9. Kamakaayana
10. Kaalava
11. Kausika
12. Jabhala (Jabaali)
13. Devaraatha

Please note each Rishi will have different Pravara Rishis @ 3 each.

1. Mareechi
2. Kaasyapa
3. Vibahandakan
4. Rishisringan
5. Kapilan
6. Kardam
7. Sandilyan

Mareechi Maharshi got married to Sage Kardam & Devahuti's daughter Kala and gave birth to a male child Kasyapa and a female child Poornima. Poornima gave birth to two male children Viraja and Vishvaga plus a female child named Devakulya (Ganges river).

On the other hand Kasyapa became father of 13 female children. Kasyapa gave all 13 daughters to Daksha Prajapathi. Later Daksha Prajapathi got 27+1 = 28 female children. 27 girls were married by Moon and 1 girl named Sati wedded to Lord Siva.

Please click the link to listen full story.


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