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Saturday, April 5, 2014


Om Namasivaya nama:

Sloka 59:
Without knowing the Supreme Reality, study of Sasthras are no use at the same time having known the Supreme Reality, styding the Sasthras are no use. In other words, once your realize the Supreme Brahman no need to follow rules and regulations laid down for the normal people. However, please once you realized the Brahman anyway you will not show interest to learn anything further because everything is Brahan and nothing exists other than Brahman, this is the conclusion one is going to realize. 

Sloka 60:
Simply following commentaries and philosophies one's mind get lost in the jungle of books and knowledge in its own delusion. Therefore true seekers of Brahman should concentrate to experience the true nature of Self than just going through books after the other. None of this would help in realizing Brahman other than Self inquiry

Sloka 61:
For him who has been bitten by the snake of ignorance could get treated only through the knowledge of Brahman. For him what use of the Vedas, Scriptures, Manthras and Medicines to such a victim of poison. There is no remedy for the ignorant other than treating through true knowledge.

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