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Saturday, September 20, 2014


Om Namasivaya nama:

Sloka 100

Please note subtle body is the instrument for doing all activities of Atma which is knowledge absolute (pure Gjnaana /consciousnesses). Like a carpenter use instruments to complete his job the Atma uses subtle body to complete its vaasana related karma and completely un-attached to all activities. For example if any damage happens to the instruments of carpenter, the carpenter himself does not get damaged because the damage happened to the instruments at the same time without those he can;t complete his work! like wise Atman and its subtle body work together however un-attached.

Sloka 101

Another set of explanation to differentiate subtle body and limbs of the gross body. Example Blindness, weakness, keenness are the conditions of the eyes.  Like wise, deafness, dumbness, hearing well are the duties of the ears. The gross imperfection of the organs belongs to the respective parts of the gross body and it will not any manner effect the Atma, which is absolute consciousness in its nature.

Sloka 102

FUNCTIONS OF PRANA (Manifested Life Energy) - The bridge between Subtle body and Paramatma.

According to the advise of Mahathmas 7 important functions are allocated to Praana, (Psychological activities such as - inhalation & exhalation,  yawning, sneezing, sweating / secretion and belching). (Functional activities such as - hunger and thirst) are the most important 7 functions / Dharmas of Praana. Since Atma is changeless awareness non of these function would affect Atma. Therefore, all functions are helping the gross body as well as subtle body only whereas any damage to any of those limbs or function would not effect absolute Atma.

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