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Saturday, October 11, 2014


Om Namasivaya nama:

MAYA / AVIDHYA (Delusion, Ignorance, Casual body etc) - Revealed 

Sloka 108:

Nescience (Avidhya or Maya) is Maya and it is the "Un-manifested Gross Energy" in other words the secret power of God. It is without beginning and consists of three Gunas (Qualities) and also superior to its effects too (Gunaa-thee-tha). It can be known or understand by only an intelligent with absolute discrimination power. The effect of this Maya is the projection of universe. You can also call it that i has everything in it at the same time nothingness. It is neither a form nor formless. This Omnipotent is also known as Parameswara who dwell in it. In total, It exercise its duty through three forces such as Jnaana sakthi (Power to Discriminate), Icha sakthi (Power to Desire) and Kriya sakthi (Power to Strive). Maya is nothing but Brahman or God.

Sloka 109:

It is neither existent nor non existent; nor both. Neither same or different nor both; Neither made up of parts (angas) nor whole or both; Most wonderful it is and it is beyond description and words. The best way to describe is that is is non describable by words or imaginations! (Anirvachaneeya!) It is WOW (wonders of wonder). Even with all limitations of human brain it can be realized through absolute discrimination but can;t be explained in any manner, therefore it is there as well here. In other words it is every where like within us. God created this universe and its activities through this Maya Sakthi.

Please down load full discourse from the attached link.


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