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Saturday, May 23, 2015


Om Namasivaya Nama:

Moksho-paya: (What is Liberation and how to achieve)

After hearing so much about Self and Non Self, the seeker (Sishya) post a humble question to his Master. Next 2 slokas are about his question for clarification.

Sloka: 192

Sishya Uvacha (The Disciple asked!)

How can you say the beginning less can have an end since the Supreme Self has come to consider as the Jeeva (Life) since both have no beginning nor end in other words the Jeeva-hood of the Self must not have an end too. Therefore where is the question of liberation for Self? Please clarify.

Sloka 193:

Therefore, there is no end for the Supreme-self that reflect as Jeeva-hood (Jeeva Bhavathwam) at the same time no end for the transmigration of the Jeeva too. If this is true, then where is the question of liberation for whom?

Realization of Self: (Self Knowledge gives Liberation:)

Guru Uvacha (Guru Said)

Sloka 194:

O learned one, listen to me carefully and i will remove the confusion within you. Delusion cannot be accepted as facts, therefore once delusion disappears the reality will be understood. Supreme Self never had the Jeeva-hood, because everything Supreme Self itself. Due to the delusory misconception, imaginations were created by individual and got in to the net of confusion.


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