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Saturday, September 12, 2015


Om Namasivaya Nama:

Sloka 232:

The World is un-real due to the important three declaration by wise men:
1. Loss of the Atman's infinitude, 2. Falsification of scriptural declaration, 3. Lord becoming a liar. None of the six school of thoughts will accept this, therefore the conclusion is World Unreal.

Sloka 233:

The Lord who knows everything said "i do not live in them nor do being exists in me". The world of plurality has  only a relative existence. The all know-er Lord knows there is Brahman and Himself. Every existence is apparent.

Sloka 234:

If the Universe were true then it should be perceived even during deep sleep state. Since it is not at all perceived, it must be like dreams, false and un-real. Truth remains un-changed in all three states such as awaking, dreaming and deep-sleep.

Sloka 235:

The world has no separate existence from the Supreme Self. Can a superimposition have any meaning apart from it own substratum?

Sloka 236:

The Brahman is ever present as "this" universe and that which is superimposed on Brahman can only be a mere name. Man experiences is only a Brahman nothing other than that. The names and forms are projected on Brahman, when you remove the name and form what exists is only Brahman.


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