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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Helping Hand

Please note that i am directly nor indirectly involved with any of these organizations or individual's activities. Therefore, i am not responsible for the end result. However, I am sharing these information only with good intention for the benefit of human kind. May God Bless. 

Medical: (1)

A new treatment known as "Enhance External Counter Pulsation" has been introduced into the Indian Medical Scenario which has got US FDA approval and successfully opted in many countries.

With this therapy, a patient who has to undergo by-pass need not to do so. Instead, the patient is given EECP treatment for 35 days in which a machine opens heart's collateral so natural bypass done. Cost per seating is Rs 2500/- currently charged (Total Approximate cost Rs 87,500/-). Please note only a few doctors in India specialize in this field.

One of them is Dr. Bimal Chhajer, MBBS, MD Ex Consultant AIIMS. He had started 60 centers all over India with their expert team.

He has a list of patients who had to undergo by-pass from major hospitals, but, instead after undergoing the new treatment, they are absolutely fine and are leading a normal life. You are free to get in touch with the Doctor as per below address details.

SAAOL HEART CENTER, B-1103, Solitaire Corporate, Near Divya Bhaskar House, S G Highway, Ahmedabad.

Mob: 971 230 5556 (WhatsApp),
Mob: 971 410 5556
Email: saaol.ahmedabad@gmail.com


You may send your reports for free guidance and brochure to us through WhatsApp or email.


Medical: (2)

Beware of Corporate Hospitals & Corporate Doctors.

Kindly note all Doctors are not bad. Charity Hospitals are more safe according opinions. One well wisher sent across this message on our WhatsApp group as follows:

If you or your family have been advised a surgery or a medical procedure & if you are confused about the medical options for you, then you may please call at 0091 70266 46022 or alternatively give a Missed Call to 1800 3000 5206 or send your medical reports to : medical@medisense.me or visit medisensehealth.com. They will get you a 2nd opinion from an expert doctors panel. It is a free service for patients.

This free service for patients is available in 21 cities in India.


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