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Saturday, September 10, 2016


AUM - Aadithyaaya Somaya Mangalaaya Budhaya Cha, Guru Sukra Sani-bhyascha Rahuve Kethave Nama:

LAST UPDATED ON: 08-03-2017

I would like to provide you few important Muhoorthas (Auspicious Time) suggested by our great Rishis through Sasthras. Such Muhoorthas provide successful results for the action. Kindly note all Rishis/Saints had only one intention "Humanity should live happily", therefore practicing such noble methods are not orthodox nor foolish.

English Month Periods (approximately) for Sanskrit months:
Mesham/Medam = April 14 - May 14
Rishabham/Edavam = May 14 - Jun 14
Mithunam = Jun 14 - Jul 14
Katakam/Karkitakam = Jul 14 - Aug 14
Simham / Chingam = Aug 14 - Sep 14
Kanya / Kanni = Sep 14 - Oct 14
Thula / Thulam = Oct 14 - Nov 14
Vruschikam = Nov 14 to Dec 14
Dhanu = Dec 14 - Jan 14
Makaram = Jan 14 - Feb 14
Kumbam = Feb 14 - Mar 14
Meenam = Mar 14 - Apr 14

Rahu and Yama Kanda Kalam by Week. Kindly note the time be considered as local standard time (people living in abroad should not convert it into IST. It is a wrong notion among some orthodox)

Standard Raahu Kalam is set at 0600 hours Sun Rise across outside Kerala assuming the Sun Rise take place at 6.00 am. Kerala Raahu Kaalam (RK) is in bracket. 

Monday :   Rahu 0730-0900 / Yama 1030-1200 - (RK 1500-1630 hours)
Tuesday :   Rahu 1500-1630 / Yama 0900-1030 - (RK 1330-1500 hours)
Wednesday: Rahu 1200-1330 / Yama 0730-0900 - (RK 1200-1330 hours)
Thursday : Rahu 1330-1500 / Yama 0600-0730 - (RK 1030-1200 hours)
Friday :      Rahu 1030-1200 / Yama 1500-1630 - (RK 0900-1030 hours)
Saturday :  Rahu 0900-1030 / Yama 1330-1500 - (RK 0730-0900 hours)
Sunday :    Rahu 1630-1800 / Yama 1200-1330 - (RK 1630-1800 hours)

Ideally the Raahu Kalam should be followed based on the local Sun Rise Time onward as indicated below: Total duration of Raahu Kalam is One and a Half Hour time.

Monday = Sun Rice + 1 1/2 hours to next 1 1/2 hours
Tuesday = Sun Rice + 9 hours to next 1 1/2 hours
Wednesday = Sun Rice + 6  hours to next 1 1/2 hours
Thursday = Sun Rice + 7 1/2 hours to next 1 1/2 hours
Friday = Sun Rice + 4 1/2 hours to next 1 1/2 hours
Saturday = Sun Rice + 6 hours to next 1 1/2 hours
Sunday = Sun Rice + 10 1/2 hours to next 1 1/2 hours



The followings conditions/status are acceptable for marriage: No Muhoortham to be considered for 2nd marriage. However, following Muhurtham even for 2nd or multiple marriages are not bad idea.

Prathama, Dwitheeya, Thritheeya, Sapthami, Krishna Ashtami, Dasami, Ekadasi, Dwadhasi.
Above Thidhis of Krishna Paksha can be considered out of no choice (Madhyamam)

Uthamam/Good -Sukla Paksham
Madhyamam/Better - Krishna Paksham
Adhamam/Bad - Amavasya

VAARA/DAY of WEEK - (Note, if the marriage is taking place during night then no need to consider day)
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Rohini, Mrugaseersham, Makam, Uthram, Hastham, Swathy, Anuradha, Moolam, Uthrashadam, Uthrattathi and Revathi.

Note: Girl's own and 10th Star to be avoided whereas for boys only his 10th Star to be avoided).

Uthamam/Excellent:  Rishabam, Mithunam, Simham, Thulam, Makaram, Meenam first half.
Madhyamam:  Katakam, Kanya, Dhanu & Kumbam (2nd choice, out of desperation)

Utharayanam (Makaram to Mithuna months: Apx 14th Jan to 14th July period).



The following combinations to be considered for Muhoortham.

Stars: Aswathy, Rohini, Mrugasirsham, Punartham, Pushyam, Uthram, Hastham, Chithra, Swathy, Anuradha, Uthradam, Thiruvonam, Avittam, Chathayam, Uthrattathi and Revathi,

Planetary Position:
1.  At the time of Muhurtha Rasi Chart (where Moon is posited or Lagna) 8th house should not be occupied by any planet except Venus (Sukra).
2. 9th House should not be occupied by Sun, Mars or Rahu.
3. 3rd House should not be occupied by Jupiter.

Paksha : Sukla

Thidhi : Except Sukla Paksha Prathama

Ayanam : Utharayanam

Days: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday,  Friday

Months: Makaram (Jan/Feb), Kumbam (Feb/Mar), Meenam (Mar/Apr), Rishabham (Apr/May), Mithunam (May/Jun).

Must be avoided: Birth star of the Vatu and Ashtama Raasi of Manthro-Upadesak/Guru.

Condition for conduct:
From Sun rise before end of 12 Nazhika (Apx. 4 hours 45 minutes) Brahmopadesam must be completed.

Avoid: Anadhyaya Thidhis/Days (Holidays for learning Vedam) and Night time. 2 sets of Anadhyaya days are there one for Sukla Paksham and other for Krishna Paksham.

Months / Paksha / Thidhis-Days:

1. Chaithram, Vaisakham & Jyeshtam = Sukla Paksha - Thritheeya
2. Ashadam = Sukla Paksha - Shashti, Dasami and Ekadasi
3. Badhrapadam = Sukla Paksha - Thritheeya and Ekadasi
4. Aswani = Sukla Paksha - Ekadasi
5. Karthikam = Sukla Paksha - Panchami, Navami and Ekadasi
6. Pausham = Sukla Paksha - Dwithiya, Panchami and Ekadasi
7. Magham = Suka Paksha - Sapthami and Dasami

1. Badhrapadam = Krishna Paksha - Thrayodasi and Barani Star
2. Phhalghunam, Karthikam & Ashadam = Krishna Paksha - Dwithiya



To be conducted in 6th or 8th month. 7th month is not allowed.

Months: Medam, Mithunam, Katakam, Simham, Kanya, Thula, Dhanu, Makaram, Kumbam.

Avoid: Visha-Drekkana, Birth Star and Harivasaram (Sundays),

Planetary position: During Muhoortham - Moon in Lagna, Jupiter in 4th house, Mars in 8th house, Mercury & Moon in 9th house, all planets in 10th house to be avoided.

Stars to consider: Aswathy, Rohini, Mrugasirsham, Punartham, Pushyam, Uthram, Hastham, Chithra, Swathy, Anuratdha, Pooradam, Uthradam, Thiruvonam, Avittam, Chathayam, Uthrattathi and Revathy.



Months to consider: Avoid birth star of wife if married.

Uthamam:  Rishabham, Simham, Vruschikam,
Madhyamam: Mithunam, Dhanu, Makaram,
Adhanam : Mesham, Thulam, Makaram.

Planetary position; If, Jupiter and Venus in Kendra rasi (1,4,7,10) and 4th house occupied by Benefic Planets (Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus without affliction). 8th house must be clean and not occupied by any Malefic planets. In other words 4th and 8th house position must be clean/sudham.

Days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Stars: Aswathi, Rohini, Makeeram, Punarvasu, Pushyam, Makam, Uthram, Hastham, Chithra, Swathi, Anusham, Moolam, Uthrashadam, Sravanam, Avittam, Chathayam, Uthrattathi and Revathi.



No transaction on these days for Properties:
Stars:  Karthika, Makam, Uthram, Chithra, Moolam and Revathi.

No transaction on these days for Gold and Silver
Stars: Bharani, Visakham, Jyeshta, Sravanam
Days: Wednesdays and Saturdays

No transaction on these days for other Assets:
Days: Tuesdays and Fridays
Stars: Bharani, Visakham, Jyeshta, Sravanam



You may consider the following:

Days: Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

Thidhis:  Dwithiya, Thrithiya, Panchami, Shashti, Sapthami, Dasami, Ekadasi, Dwadhasi, Thrayodasi.

Stars: Aswathi, Rohini, Makiram, Thirivathia, Punarvasu, Pushyam, Uthram, Hastham, Swathi, Ketta, Uthrashadam, Sravanam, Chathayam, Uthrattathi and Revathi.

Month: Rishabam, Mithunam, Simham, Thulam, Vruschikam and Meenam.

Planetary position:  8th house must be clean.

Note: Avoid Self and Financial Partners' birth star.
Note: Rahu Kalam is very good to start business, especially legal and other cheating business.



Stars: Aswathhi, Rohini, Punarvasu, Makam, Uthram, Hastham, Chithra, Swathi, Anuradha, Uthrashadam, Sravanam, Uthrattathi and Revathi.

Thidhi: Sapthami, Ekadasi and Poornima

Months: Midhunam, Katakam, Simham, Kanya, Vruschikam, Dhanu and Meenam.

Planetary position: Beneficial planets aspect on Lagna/Ascendant.

Time to avoid: Rahu and Yama kanda Kalam



Stars:  Thiruvathira, Punarpoosam, Poosam, Ayilyam, Makam, Pooram, Uthram, Hastham, Chithra, Swathi, Visakkham, Anusham

Note: Please avoid Chandraa-shtamam.

The following days to be avoided for having Maithunam (intercourse) especially for Garbha Dhanam:

1) Masa Sankramam day-Sun's entry to new sign, 2) Parent's Sradha/Thithi day. 3) Day before the Sradha/Thithi. 4) During impure days (Asoucha/Pula/Theettu), 5) Birth day. 6) Prathama Thithi. 7) Ashtami Thithi 8) Navami Thithi 9) Ekadasi Thithi. 10) Chathurdasi Thithi. 11) Poornima Thithi. 12) Amavasya Thithi. 13) Tuesdays and 14) Saturdays.  Therefore, these days also to be avoided for Santhi Muhoortham.

Special Note: At the same time, every Gruhastha Aasrami must have 1 time intercourse per Paksha (once in 14 days).



1. You can consider the following stars/day.

Aswathy, Pushyam and Hastham stars even if it is Chandraashtamam.



1. All Mruthyu Nakshatras to be avoided for any auspicious event/function. They are the below stars of a specific month:

Stars on the respective month:
1,  Chithra = Mesha
2.  Visakha = Rishabha
3.  Jyesta = Mithuna
4.  Poorvashada = Kataka
5.  Sravanam = Simham
6.  Chathayam = Kanya
7.  Uthraproshta Pada / Uthrattathi = Thula
8.  Aswathi =  Vruschika
9.  Bharani = Dhanu
10. Rohini = Makaram
11. Arudra = Kumba
12. Punarvasu = Meena

2. Prayaschitham or alternative solution for all Dosha (inauspicious time) is getting Lagna Sudhi (Clean Ascendant) as per below considtions:

1. Muhoortha Lagna Raasi should not be 2nd, 8th or 12th Raasi/Sign from your Janma Raasi (Where Moon is posited in your natal horoscope). Example X born in Meena Raasi then Mesha, Thula and Kumba to be avoided as Muhoortha Lagna.

2. 8th and 12th house should be empty from Muhoortha Lagna.

3. Benefic planets occupied in 1,4,5,7,9 or in 10th sign/raasi from Muhoortha Lagna.

4. Malefic planets occupied in 3, 6 or 11th sign/raasi from Muhoortha Lagna.

5. Muhoortha Lagna Raasi happened to be 3, 6, or 10th sign/raasi from Natal/Janma Raasi . Example X born in Meena Raasi then Muhoortha Lagna could be Rishaba or Simha or Dhanu. 


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