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Sunday, May 24, 2009

DEVI KADAKSHAM - Malayalam Devotional Songs

Album Participants / Artists:
Lyrics composed  and all copy rights reserved by producer : R. V. Venkiteswaran (Venky)
Accompanied by: Mridhangam - Rajesh, Tabla - Justin Antony, Electronic Percussion - Manoj, Guitar - Lamby, Keyboard - Sasidharan, Violin - Devadas and Flute - Sreekumar.
Orchestration by: Devadas
Recorded by : Levin Madhavan
Transportation: Raju Uncle
Arrangements: Team of well wishers
  * Due to techniccal issues there will be a problem while single clicking on the link. Please follow the steps to access the songs; Righ Click on the link > Select "Open Link In New Tab" . (Sorry For Inconvinence)

Please download songs from below link:

1. Gam Ganapathim Smarami - Shyma Rani (Music composed by Dinesh Babu)

2. Mandhasmitham Thookum - Ram Mohan (Music composed by Dinesh Babu)

3. Jaya Jaya Devi - Shyma Rani & Chorus (Music comoposed by Venky & Shyma)

4. Krishna Nee Madhuram - Shyma Rani (Music composed by Dinesh Babu)

5. Thingal Kala Choodum - Ram Moham (Music composed by Ram Mohan)

6. Thirumandham Kunnil - Shyma Rani and Ram Mohan (Music composed by Venky)

7. Unarunna Sandhyayil - Shyma Rani (Music composed by Venky and Ram Mohan)

8. Unarunna Sandhyayil - Ram Mohan (Music composed by Venky and Ram Mohan)

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