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Sunday, May 24, 2009

DEVI KADAKSHAM - Malayalam Devotional Songs

Album Participants / Artists:
Lyrics composed  and all copy rights reserved by producer : R. V. Venkiteswaran (Venky)
Accompanied by: Mridhangam - Rajesh, Tabla - Justin Antony, Electronic Percussion - Manoj, Guitar - Lamby, Keyboard - Sasidharan, Violin - Devadas and Flute - Sreekumar.
Orchestration by: Devadas
Recorded by : Levin Madhavan
Transportation: Raju Uncle
Arrangements: Team of well wishers
  * Due to techniccal issues there will be a problem while single clicking on the link. Please follow the steps to access the songs; Righ Click on the link > Select "Open Link In New Tab" . (Sorry For Inconvinence)

Please download songs from below link:

1. Gam Ganapathim Smarami - Shyma Rani (Music composed by Dinesh Babu)

2. Mandhasmitham Thookum - Ram Mohan (Music composed by Dinesh Babu)

3. Jaya Jaya Devi - Shyma Rani & Chorus (Music comoposed by Venky & Shyma)

4. Krishna Nee Madhuram - Shyma Rani (Music composed by Dinesh Babu)

5. Thingal Kala Choodum - Ram Moham (Music composed by Ram Mohan)

6. Thirumandham Kunnil - Shyma Rani and Ram Mohan (Music composed by Venky)

7. Unarunna Sandhyayil - Shyma Rani (Music composed by Venky and Ram Mohan)

8. Unarunna Sandhyayil - Ram Mohan (Music composed by Venky and Ram Mohan)

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  1. Dear Shri VenkiJi
    The collections under Devi Kadhaksham is simply great and fantastic.
    The songs are melodious, devine and quite spirtually soothing.
    May Great Lord Shiva Bless You to Bring more such releases in future.
    Om namasivaaya

  2. Thanks for your blessing words. God bless every one. I have almost 80+ lyrics written by me, due to lack of time unable to tune composing and finalize the album. A day will come to release soon. I would like to share your kind words with my team members for their wonderful performance for bring out such album. Regards/Venky