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Saturday, May 16, 2009


108 SAKTHI PEETAMS OF DIVINE MOTHER( List of Holy Places to be visited by a Devi Upâsaka )

The legend behind the 108 Sakthi Peetams is - At the time of Daksha Yâga, the Universal Mother, then known as Dâkshâyini, attended the Yagna uninvited against the advice of Lord Siva, and remonstrated with her father for not inviting Lord Siva, his son-in-law, for receiving the sacrificial offering. The arrogant Daksha intentionally humiliated Siva in the presence of all invited luminaries, and unable to stand this humiliation, Dâkshâyini, immolated herself by jumping into the Yagna Kunda. The arrogance of Daksha and the self-immolation of his consort made Lord Siva furious, and he set off his most powerful goblins to destroy Daksha's Yagna. Later Lord Siva himself appeared in the Yagna Sâla, beheaded Daksha, and picked up his consort's half-burnt mortal remains and carried her on his shoulders by murmuring 'Oh Dearest Sathi, what have you done! Didn't I warn you not to go for this Yagna … Oh Sathi…'

The separation of Sakthi from Siva made all Gods lose their inner strength. To save the situation, all Gods gathered at one place and appealed to Lord Vishnu to pacify Lord Siva, stop his wandering and somehow make Him seated in a place. For the benefit of the Universe, Lord Vishnu accepted this onerous task and meditated upon Sri Parâsakthi seeking Her help to solve this difficult situation. The universal Divine Mother advised him to cut the smoldered body into 108 pieces by shooting arrows from behind Lord Siva. With the Grace of Divine Mother, Lord Vishnu could accomplish this onerous task. All those 108 pieces had fallen and got scattered on the holy land of Bhârath and later transformed those spots into holy places worthy of worship, as shown in the following table. These places had Divine Vibrations and significance, where temples were built in course of time and worshipping of Sri Devi in various forms started.

It is a great achievement for a Devi Upâsaka to visit these holy places and feel the Divine Vibrations of Mother's presence there, and also sing Her glories at all times. Due to vagaries of nature, some of the places/temples do not exist now. However, as Divine Mother has said "Even if you meditate or remember these 108 holy places or chant My names, you will be bestowed with the same holy blessings as attained by visiting these places/temples.

The Divine Mother has given us good health, physique, vision, hearing, speech, wealth, employment, transport facilities, and many material comforts. Therefore everyone should develop an earnest desire and make a sincere effort to visit these places of worship and also feel the Divine Vibrations, which are the secrets of miracles and curing of many human sufferings taking place at the Sakthi Peetams of Divine Mother.

I am in constant search for the current locations of said Sakthipeetaa. As and when known to me will be updated in the table. In the mean time if you know the right places, please let me know. Thanks. Please double click to see the exapanded table.

=== Subham ===

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