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Saturday, February 8, 2014


Om Namasivaya nama:

Sloka 45:
One can get highest knowledge by care full study of Vendantha, through which one can get the know how to get rid of Samsara dukham. By this knowledge one can achieve the rarest Mukthi.

Sloka 46:
Faith, devotion and practice of meditation are three main factors i.e. direction given in the Sruthis for the seeker to get liberation. Due to his/her ignorance he/she thinks that the body is everything and it is infinite!, it is a sheer ignorance and the clarify will be achieved by way of practice.

Sloka 47:
Due to its constant contact with ignorance, one forget that he himself the Paramatman, in other words experience yourselves to be under the bondage of the not Self. Due to this misunderstanding one is repeated forced to death and birth cycle. By realizing Supreme Knowledge the root and branches of ignorance is being burned off, which arises from the discrimination (Viveka) of Self and not Self.


Sloka 48:
Sishya Said!
Oh Guru, kindly listen, the questions i am going to raise and your answers to that will surely remove me from ignorance, i shall entirely satisfied with your response.

Sloka 49:
What is bondage? How has it come?, How does it continue to exists?, How can one get out of it completely, What is the not-Self and what is the Supreme Self, What is the process of discrimination between these two such as not Self and Self. Please explain to me all these questions one by one.

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