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Friday, January 31, 2014


Om Namasivaya nama:

Guru Upadesa Vidhi: Loving and affectionate advise of a Guru towards his disciple:

Sloka 41:
As he speaks, afflicted by and seeking protection from Samsara fire, the noble teacher looks at him and shows pity on him through his compassionate look. Also give him spontaneous protection from fear.

Sloka 42:
To the disciple, showing his anxiety for liberation, as sought the protection of Teacher, who abides by scriptural injunctions, who has a serene mindset, who is endowed with tranquility will automatically pour the blessings and knowledge with utmost kindness towards its seeker

Sloka 43:
Guru Said: Fear not, oh learned one! No danger will come to you. There is a way to cross over this ocean of change. I shall instruct you in the very path by which our ancient Rishis crossed over this ocean of change!

Sloka 44:
There is a supreme means/method by which you can put an end to the fear of this existence, with this route you will cross over Samsaar, this is nothing but carefully learning and practice of Upanishad.

please client below link to listen full discourse.


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