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Saturday, July 12, 2014


Om Namasivaya nama:

Today is the first anniversary day of Viveka Choodamani discourse! to coincide with Vyasa Poornima.

Fascination for human body being criticized in this sub-chapter:

Sloka 83:
God has given this body to realize Him (Paramatma), instead of doing that if one keep nourishing the body for the sake of accomplishing material comfort and pleasures will never get a chance to realize God. Besides, that ignorance will keep increasing and eventually dooms his own life. Nobody will come to rescue once you fall into the web of false pride that I and Mine. Many other religion and beliefs promoting that the body itself is everything and nothing beyond that...this is where Sanathana Dharma reminds human beings that something beyond our naked eye.

Sloka 84:
Whoever is making an attempt to realize the Self by not sacrificing the pleasure and comfort will not attain the ultimate realization, in fact it is being compared to just like a person decides to cross the river, by holding the shark/crocodile which one has mistaken for a log of wood. Eventually he will be killed on the way because these sharks the by product of our ignorance and illusions.

Sloka 85:
For a student seeking liberation, infatuation with the body is the main tragic death (Maha Mruthyu). Those who totally conquered this attachment deserves the state of liberation. These Maha Mruthyus are in and around us in the name of Vasanas and some of our accumulations. They are mainly known as Six in numbers. Own Body, Spouse, Children, House, Family and Wealth. One of this would kill a person if too much bonding or attachment is kept with any one of them. So, be careful and use your vivekam to handle these comforts.

Sloka 86:
Conquering these infatuations for body, childre etc i.e Maha Mruthyus, the Muni/Maharsthis attained the Supreme state of Lord Vishnu. In other words one can become God himself by practicing virtues (Godliness) and get rid of vicious help to achieve Godly-hood. The one who control the mind and over come desires and meditate are called Muni/Rishi.

Please download full discourse from the below link.

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