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Saturday, July 19, 2014


Om Namasivaya nama:

Gross Body Explained as condemned :

Sloka 87:

The constitution of our physical body is considered to be the most offensive due to its composition made out of Skin, Flesh, Blood vessels, Fat, Marrow, Bones (7 ingredients / Saptha Dhathu) and also it is ever filled with Urine and other discharged matter. Therefore don't be too much proud of your body to exploit by seeking worldly pleasure. This body is mainly meant for realizing the Athman than pleasure seeking activities.

Sloka 88:

This physical body is the seat of experience for the Self / Athma rather than anything else. Please note the this body is made up of gross 5 elements and its subtle elements based  to the result of past Karma (actions of good and bad)  to conduct day to day affairs purely to gain right experience to realize Brahman. The state in which it perceives gross objects is its waking condition (Jagrada-avastha. The next stages are Swapna-avastha, Sushupta-avastha, Thurya-avasatha beyond which Thurya-theetha-avastha). Past actions are the reason for this birth, such Karma is known as Sanchitha & Prarabdha.

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