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Saturday, August 30, 2014


Om Namasivaya nama:

Happy Vinayaka Chathurthi : May Lord Ganesa bless us.

ORGANS of perception and its action:

Sloka 92:
Five most important organs functions in our physical gross body to help us in gaining knowledge. They are ears, eyes, nose, tongue and skin. They help us to gain knowledge such as Sabda (Speech), Roopa (See), Gandha (smell), Rasa (Taste) and Sparsa (Touch). These organs are known as Jnanendriyas. The other set of Indriyas are known as Karmendriyas (action objects) such as Speech, Hands, Legs, The Anus and the Genital Organ. Since their nature is only action oriented they are called Karmendriyas. Please note our knowledge and connections are directly controlled by these organs therefore understanding them and act wisely makes one good.

Sloka 93 & 94:
Inner Organs / Instruments (Antha:Karanam)

There are 4 inner organs called Mana (Mind), Intellect (Budhi), Ego/Self (Ahamkara) and  Unconditional Pure State (Chitham). Due to their different functions, the same Mind is getting different names. Functions of these 4 are: MIND - approaching doubts and hesitation, in other words Sankalpa-Vikalpa; imagination and emptiness, INTELLECT - determining the truth of a thing after analysis, EGO -  identification of both Mind and Intellect, true realization, PURE STATE/CHITHAM - when constantly be with the most interested things in its pure nature (innocent subtle devotion).

How man can make many plans and commitment without the full functions of these!

Please click the down load link to listen full discourse.


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