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Saturday, August 23, 2014


Om Namasivaya nama:

Sloka 89:

The individualized ego is what identifying itself with this body by way of enjoying gross objects such as garlands, sandal paste, women etc.,to satisfy body's comforts through sense organs. Therefore, this body has the highest role to play while waking state (Jagrada-avastha). Bagawad Padar want to high light the importance of the body at the same time giving warning that it is purely in terms of gross body and not the subtle body.

Sloka 90:
How a house is important to a householder the same way this gross body is the Shelter for the individual to conduct all his day-to-day dealings with outside world.

Sloka 91:
Birth, decay and death are the essential properties of the gross body. Like wise other acts such as status, childhood to old age conditions, varna asrama (caste and orders of life) such as soodra, vaisya, kshathriya and brahmin etc; it is also subject to variety of diseases, it is the same body that witness treatment such as worship, hardship, dis honor and honor etc..

Bagawadhpadar wants to teach his students, full knowledge about physical body the abode of ego and seat of all experience.

Please find below the link to down load full discourse.


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Note: Here on-wards i would to use Google Drive so that you can log in through your email accounts to listen. Please do let me know in case you face any problems.


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