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Saturday, November 1, 2014


Om Namasivaya nama:

Thamo Guna Continued....

Sloka 114:

Even the wise and learned, proficient in the vision of the highest subtle meaning of the scriptures are over powered by the Thamo Guna/Effects and difficult comprehend the truth, even though it is explicitly explained in detail. Even such learned one will be trapped due to its veil power (Avarana Sakthi) and consider as truth what is simply superimposed by delusion and get into the attachment issues and get stuck. This is the super power of the Thamas (veil). Therefore, even after possessing all superior achievements in life it is difficult to over the Thamo Guna, may be, if one possess the highest level of "Discrimination" power can make some change to it, whereas others don't even go near to free themselves from this Avarana Sakthi.

Sloka 115:

Thamo power is connecting with us through these four important strings/actions viz; Abavana, Vipareetha-Bhavana, Asambavana and Viprathipathi. The effects of them are : Absence of right judgement (Abaavana), Contrary judgement (Vipareetha Bhavana), Lack of belief  (Asambavana) and  Doubts (Viprathipathi). It is very difficult for any one to conquer the effects of these and come out clean. These effects follow through Vikhepasathi of Rajoguna to Avarana sakthi of Thamo Guna and control the entire universe and its living beings. This gives endless pain and sorrows to the body and life whereas realization of Athma or its vichara (seeking) alone gives nithya ananda (ever blissfulness).

Sloka 116:

In this sloka, Acharya gives the 6 attributes of Thamo Guna viz: Agnaanam (Ignorance), Aalasyam (Laziness),  Jadathwam (Dullness), Nidra (Sleep), Pramadham (Inadvertance/Carelessness), Moodathwam (Foolishness/Stupidity etc). One is in the influence of these cannot comprehend anything not only that one remains like asleep always or block of stone or stump of wood or like an Idol. So, those who posses these qualities are under the influence of Thamo Guna. Be careful and make efforts to over come these even though it is very difficult.


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