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Saturday, November 8, 2014


Om Namasivaya nama:

Sathwa Guna - Nature and its effects:

Sloka 117:

Sathwa Guna (Absolute Pure Quality) is explained in 2 stages by Acharya. He says, Pure Satwa is like a crystal clear water however, when it mixed with Rajas and Thamas qualities it produce the transmigration effect. But when the light of Self (Athma Bodham) get reflected in Sathwa Guna alone we get to see the real matter just like when the sun light touches the matter that reveals the properties of the world. In other words every one have these three qualities viz: Sathwa, Rajas & Thamas however the Athma bodham should kindle only the Sathwa quality then he/she will be illuminated just like Self.

Sloka 118:

In this sloka Acharya says, even the mixed Sathwa have some important eight good qualities such as : Athmabhhi-maana / Amanithaa (Pride less / ego less attitude), Niyama (Rules for practice - Neatness, Happiness, Penance, Self study and faith in God), Yama (Regulation - Non violence, Truthful, Renunciation, Celibacy and lack of interest in accumulating wealth) , Sradha (eagerness and concentration towards Master's advice and faith in Sasthraas), Bhakthi (Devotion), Mumukshuthwam (Yearning for liberation), Dhaiva-sampathi (Divine tendencies) and Asannavruthi (Natural turning away from everything unreal). Any one who practice these qualities being possessed with better Sathwa than the normal person who is maximum afflicted with Rajas and Thamas.

Sloka 119;

Here the Pure Sathwa is being explained. Some of the top class good qualities are its merit. They are - Santhosha (Cheerfulness, Happiness), Swaathmaanu-bhoothi (Experience of one's own Self), Kavalya Santhi (Ultimate peace of mind), Poorna Samthrupthi (Contentment), Anandha (Bliss and Paramaathmanu-bhoothi (Constant devotion to the Supreme Self / Non apprehension of Reality), by being practiced or witnessed by these qualities a person comes to enjoy the ultimate and ever lasting bliss.

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