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Monday, December 1, 2014


Om Namasivaya Nama:

Sloka 126:

That (Supreme Power / Absolute Brahman / Atman / Consciousness / Self) which knows everything that is happens during waking, dream and deep sleep states, That which knows the presence or absence  of the Mind and its functions, That which is the essence behind ego and its functions, Be aware That is This Brahman.

Sloka 127:

That which sees everything but which no one can see. That which illuminate the intellect etc...but which they cannot illuminate That is This (the Brahman). One must know this, That consciousness cannot to known through any of these equipments. This world is illuminated with This power.

Sloka 128:

That by which this universe is pervaded, but which is not pervaded by anything, when it shines the entire universe shine due to its reflection, That is This Self. It is so close to us but we don't realize this and look for everywhere!

Sloka 129:

That by whose very presence makes everything work like a servant to his Master. The body, sense organs, mind and intellect performs its duty like a team of servant to the Master.The Om / The Atma is the factor that makes everything work! without this nothing exists.

Sloka 130:

That, because of which everything (ego, body, sense objects and its pleasures) comes to existence and known clearly as crystal, Because, this the this is the nature of Eternal Knowledge. This is the truth of truth.

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