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Saturday, December 13, 2014


Om Namasivaya Nama:

Sloka 131:

Know that, this great truth is the inner most Self / Athma. It is known as ancient Purusha who is revealed as constant infinite Bless which is the ever the same irrespective of time and place. It dwells in the subtle body at the same time ever pervading. It constantly get reflected / influenced in different stages of mental modifications and actions. This is the power which commands all Indriyas, Karanas and Pranaas to do their duty / functions without any personal effects on it.

Sloka 132:

Such a Supreme Self residing in this very body in a mind full of Satwa Guna; even though it exists every where but to name specifically it is shining in the secret cave/chamber (Hrudayakasa) of intellects such place is known as "Atmosphere of the Un-manifest".  It has the captivating glory and shines like the Sun in the sky to illuminate entire universe. So with the help of Pure and Quite Mind one can search that Paramathma Chaithanyam within us!

Sloka 133:

The Self does not change nor act in the least irrespective of  situations that is the beauty of the Self. The knower of the modifications of mind, ego and activities of body, sense organs and the Pranaas which apparently take their form like the fire ball of Iron changing its shape according due to heat. The fire has no shape but it appears as if it has. Another example Sun light has no shape but it appears to be having shape due to the device passing sun light through it. Therefore, the Consciousness illuminates the experiences of the mind but it is not involved in anything, it may appears to be involved, that is sheer ignorance as said by Acharya.

Sloka 134:

Such Athma, neither it is born nor does it dies, neither grow nor decay being eternal it does not undergo any change, Even when this body is destroyed it does not cease to exits. It is like the Space in the Jar that is broken. It is independent of the Jar. Space was existent whether there was a Jar or not however the shape of space was witnessed when the Jar was existent. The Self does not perish even if the body gets destroyed.''

Sloka 135:

Please note that the The Supreme Self is different from the Prakruthi and its modifications. Consciousness is the illuminator of all what we can see in the form of Gross or Subtle this universe.It is absolute and directly manifest the entire gross and subtle universe as the very essence of this steady sense of egoism. It manifest itself as the witness of Intellect, the determining faculty of human. Therefore this Paramathma / Consciousness always express itself as I, I, I but never get involved in the happenings around.

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