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Saturday, February 6, 2016


Om Namasivaya Nama:

Sloka 291:

Everything is illusion and reflection except Self. Reject this body and images and consider you are That Brahman.

Sloka 292:

In every level this universe is impermanent. All three states (Jagrath, Swapna & Sushupthi) are untruth. Even the Ahamkara (ego) is impermanent. One should cease identifying with the false body. I am nothing but non dual, Absolute knowledge and bliss itself.

Sloka 293:

AHAM PADARTHA NIROOPANAM (The perceived I factor...false)

The Objective world is unreal, neither is the Ego real for it is seen to be fleeting. Everything is unreal due to its momentary state. The absolute Brahman is witnessing everything from Ego to body. The Self (real I) is experiencing and witnessing everything and you are That.

Sloka 294:

The realized soul (Prathyagathma) knowing everything instantly, at the same time it maintain changeless and doubtless state. That Eternal bliss realizing all states such as Jagrath, Swapna and Sushuptha stages and its beginning and end.


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