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Saturday, February 6, 2016


Om Namasivaya Nama:

Padhartha Niroopanam continues..

Sloka 296:

Therefore, reject your identification with this mass of flesh and with the ego or the subtle body of which are the imaginations of the intellect. By realizing your own Self, which is nothing but Absolute Knowledge which cannot be denied in the three periods of time (Bootham, Bhavi and Varthanam) that will lead you to attain Supreme Peace.

Sloka 297:

Renounce your identification with family, lineage, name, form and order in life that attributes of the body which is like a foul corpse. So too, renounce the work and experience qualities of subtle body and then become the essence of Absolute Bliss.

AHAMKARA NINDHA ( Condemnation of the Ego)

Sloka 298:

Those who reject Ego attain liberation easily. Ego is the first and foremost reason for continues birth and death cycle. Unless Vasansas are killed Ego will not vanish.

Sloka 299:

As long as there is even a slight identification with the wicked ego, there cannot be even a talk of liberation.

Sloka 300:

He/She who is liberated from his Ego attains his/her true nature (untainted, infinite, ever blissful and Self-effulgent) like the moon freed from eclipse.


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