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Saturday, January 4, 2014


Om Namasivaya nama:

Guru Lakshnana - Qualifications of a true Guru.

Sloka 33: A Guru must be well versed in Vedas and also a true follower of Vedanthic life, besides those qualities he should be sinless, unafflicted by human desires, achiever of supreme knowledge and wisdom, full knower of Supreme Brahman, retired into the Supreme, calm as the fire that has burnt up its fuel, who is a boundless ocean of mercy that needs no cause for its expression, and who is an intimate friend to those who have surrendered unto him.

Sloka 34: The seeker must worship such Guru and please him with your devoted service to him. When he is pleased and ready to shower his blessings, you need to ask him what you need to know about spiritual related questions.

Sloka 35: Oh Master, my God i bow to your lotus feet, a good friend of those who reverentially surrender to you, please save me from this ocean of samsara, a direct glance of yours which rain nectarine grace of Supreme will surely uplift me from where i am today.

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