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Saturday, January 11, 2014


Om Namasivaya nama:

Sloka: 36
The seeker humbly submit his supplication to his Guru that, i am being roasted in the blazing fire of Samsara (again and again born and dead), on top of that to add the flame my bad karma comes as wind to increase the flame! due to which i am very much scared of this life. Therefore please help me to over the fear of death and save me. When i surrendered to you, i am sure you will receive me due to your compassionate nature. Oh Guru i have no one other than you to surrender. 

Athma Gnanam gets polluted due to Agjaana and eventually meet its death therefore Agnaana itself is death. As a realized soul you alone can give absolute Gnanam to me and remove all illusion around me.

Sloka: 37
There are peaceful and magnanimous saints who live like/cherish like spring season for the benefit of humanity and to their credit they have already achieved the task of crossing the Samsara chakra (Wheel) because of this reason they also help others to cross the dreadful samsara chakra, keeping this in mind i am requesting you to shower your blessings on me.

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