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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Om Namasivaya nama:

Sloka 38:
I know to the extend that, it is the nature of the Mahathmaas to help the needy and remove their trouble without anyone's recommendation just like the moon cools the earth from scorching flaming rays of the sun. Please help to overcome this Samsara forest.

Sloka 39:
Oh Lord, your nectarine speech, honeyed by the bliss of Brahman, pure, cooling, issuing in streams from your lips as from a water jug  and pleasing to ear, please shower your compassionate look upon me who is tormented from the earthly afflictions. Blessed are those who have received even a passing glance of your eyes and accepting them under your protection.  

Sloka 40:
How to cross this ocean of relative existence? You alone capable of advise me as what is to be my ultimate destination, Which of the many means should i accept and follow to reach the ultimate sorrow less destination. Oh Lord, please save me and advise me to end the misery of life and samsara chakra. I know no one is capable than you. I surrender to you!

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